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Tomas Kysela

Proprietor & Designer


Brano Mlynek

General Manager


Petra Kostalova

Social Media & Sales

If you are looking for history and tradition of Bohemian crystal craftsmanship in almost every encyclopedia, you will find out, that it represents, technologically or artistically, the top in the world crystal manufacturing. Since the beginning of glass and crystal manufacture in Europe, the North Bohemian region stands for one of the most developed and skilled area. A rich foundation is given to our endeavour to follow the tradition: wide lands rich on silicone sand, deep forests full of wood, the manufacturing skills handed down from generation to generation and last but not least the sense of design. Our interest and aim is to catch and reflect all of these local wealths and recast them to artefacts we can offer to you.


The Material brand and company endeavors to trace and reflex the tradition and changes of North Bohemian crystal manufacture and tries to throughput them into new formal accidents, attractive rhythms, shapes and decors, whereas tries to follow the functionality. As the crystal is produced all over the world, we would like to stay legible for everybody. Our works guarantee top quality of crystal processing and design. To achieve this, being direct producers, we cooperate with team of experienced glass material technologists and gaffers. We are looking forward to you and your partnership, because, in so far as we design and produce crystal, you are the ones to assess its meaning and value. We appreciate it and we thank you for it. Tomas Kysela – proprietor & designer.


When you visit Prague and your steps take you on the Old Town Square with its famous Astronomical Clock, you are very close to the Ungelt Countryard, former medieval fortified market place. The yard, anyway worth of visiting, hides our Material company superstore, interesting and pleasant shopping gallery presenting the fusion of classical and modern interior and glass design in a way that catches you at the first sight. More than 200 sq. meters of custom designed space offers you the unique selection of Material design production supported by always ready shop assistants. We are looking to your visit…

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